About the housing cooperative

Our district Bergsjön is located high up in Gothenburg. Therefore, all streets and places have been given names that are associated with space. Bergsjön was built up during the 60s and 70s. On the surface, the district is one of Gothenburg’s smallest. We are next door to Lärjedalen, which is an oasis in Gothenburg, with beautiful scenery. If you are lucky you can also catch sea trout in Lärjeån. Our area is very child friendly. All streets are so-called blind alleys so that traffic becomes minimal. The kids have plenty of room to play. They build huts in the woods, go sledding or play ball sports, safe from car traffic.

Accessibility for people with disabilities is good, including access to public transport. The communications are good. The tram to central Gothenburg takes about 20 min. They go frequently, almost all day and night. Our marketplace, Rymdtorget, is a 15 min walk distance. It is a modern marketplace with shops, post office and municipal service. A larger grocery store is located nearby. In the summer we swim in Bergsjön. Here you will find an accommodation where peace and quiet prevails, safe from traffic and noise, among deer and owls.